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YB. Dato' Shahrir Bin Abdul Samad
(Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna & Selaku Sebagai Ahli Parlimen Johor Bahru)

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"Nobody is moving out of UMNO...... none of us is leaving UMNO," said Shahrir Samad, after the meeting attended by 73 out of 79 UMNO lawmakers. | "But he has done something and has written something and it falls within a certain offence. It is not a question of retaliation. If you want to imagine it as a retaliation, everybody has an opinion," Shahrir said. | Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister and Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad said the experiment of using live telecasts should continue to "see what happens". | Asked whether Raja Petra's case could deter the development of blogs in Malaysia, Shahrir said: "Not all blogging is about cursing people and writing bad things about everybody. There is also a lot of other blogs." | Asked if Umno's tolerance of Ong's speech can be seen as a sign of reform, Shahrir said: "It is not an issue of reform. It is an issue of implementation and how the policy is interpreted."


30 May 2008
KS Ronny

Datuk Good evening to you Dato.

It was  a very dispointing to see Johor Baru the Modern  City flooding. We must not be a laughing stock to the neighbouring country.

Dato, Please ensure to come down to the field and see yourself. Whoever you are issuing the contract to make sure they carryout qulity work. Dato, nowdays as you know people are interest how much they can make but come the quality there is no compromise. Thank Dato
KS Ronny    

28 May 2008
Mohamed Ghouse

YB. Dato

Assalamu alaikum.
Congratulations on your very bold move to introduce restrictions for foreign cars to fill-up Petrol around border areas. It is a very good move made in the interest of poor and deserving Malaysians.

Terima Kasih

28 May 2008
Lai Soon Ean

YB, a blanket band on foreign registered vehicles from filling up petrol @ border towns will result in further economic hardship on the citizens of these border towns cities.

Johor Bahru's economy, a town from which you hail from YB, and whose constituents had elected you to Parliament, depends substantially on commerce with our neighbours down south. This ban will adversely affect the livelihood of Malaysians in Johor Bahru and other border towns cities.

28 May 2008
Daniel Ho

Dear YB. Dato' Shahrir,
Greetings to you sir from the state of Singapore, the purpose of my email to you sir, is to plead that you reconsider the ban on foreign cars pumping petrol.

I have been a avid supporter of your country\'s economy as I comes almost every week to enjoy the great food and entertainment your country provides. A ban like this is very harsh on us though I\'m aware of your intentions to safe keep the subsidised fuel for the fellow malaysians, I wonder if you could consider letting foreign registered vehicles pump petrol at JB or anywhere else at full price, I believe it is fair to you all and us as well since we have enjoyed the privileges.

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to your revert, Warmest regards,

Daniel Ho

28 May 2008

Dear Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad,

With regards to the news of "No petrol sales to foreign cars (27/05/2008)".
I would like to clarify if that ban applies to Malaysian driving
Singapore-registered car? The reason is that i'm working in Singapore and i'm travelling back to JB everyday, as my parents is base in JB. 

Please help to clarify the doubt.

28 May 2008

Askm..Dato' disini saya ingin mengutarakan satu cadangan di parlimen johor bahru ini masih tidak terdapat Pasar Lewat Malam atau pasar pagi,sepertimana di kuala lumpur yang ada downtown cheras dan lain-lain lagi,..di kawasan johor bahru ini saya kira tidak kurang hebatnya juga jika ia dibuka,penambahan pelancong akan meningkat,unjuran ekonomi positif dan kegiatan sosial yang berfaedah.jadi cadangan saya mohon sediakan satu tempat untuk dijadikan kawasan peniaga down town bagi kawasan bandar johor bahru khasnya di parlimen Johor Bahru..Sekian.terima kasih.