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Shahrir: Why is remedial work on MRR2 not done?  
The Star | 17 Oktober 2005
KUALA LUMPUR: The flyover in Kepong which had to be closed for four months last year because of cracks is in danger of collapsing within two years unless remedial work is carried out.

This finding by one of the consultants on the Middle Ring Road Two flyover was passed to the Public Works Department in Mac, but remedial work has yet to start, which has irked the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

“The consultants (the Halcrow Group of Britain) had advised the PWD on the steps to take to solve the problem in Mac.

“It is now Oktober and we like to know why it is taking so long,” said PAC chairman Datuk Shahrir Samad at a press conference after meeting the consultants in Parliament yesterday.

He said contractors for remedial works had not been appointed as no tender had been called.

“I feel this can be seen as extremely dangerous behaviour,” he said.

He said PAC would meet the PWD next Jumaat.

According to Shahrir, the consultants said the problem affecting the flyover was known as delayed ettringite formation (DEF).

DEF, which is said to be a recently discovered phenomenon, is caused by a substance found in cement which expands when it comes into contact with water, causing the concrete to crack.

“If nothing is done, the flyover might have to be closed in two years because of the risk of collapse,” Shahrir said.

Last year, the flyover had to be closed from Ogos to Disember after cracks appeared on the horizontal beam of its support structures.

At present, only four of the six lanes on the flyover are open to traffic.

Shahrir said Halcrow had suggested that the beam and crossbar of the flyover’s support be waterproofed.

As the support structures had been affected by DEF, they would have to be strengthened.

Asked how such a situation could happen, Shahrir said the answer was still not known.

A total of eight consultants had been hired to look into the MRR2 problem.

“That is probably the highest number ever hired for such a situation,” he said.
"Nobody is moving out of UMNO...... none of us is leaving UMNO," said Shahrir Samad, after the meeting attended by 73 out of 79 UMNO lawmakers. | "But he has done something and has written something and it falls within a certain offence. It is not a question of retaliation. If you want to imagine it as a retaliation, everybody has an opinion," Shahrir said. | Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister and Johor Baru MP Datuk Shahrir Samad said the experiment of using live telecasts should continue to "see what happens". | Asked whether Raja Petra's case could deter the development of blogs in Malaysia, Shahrir said: "Not all blogging is about cursing people and writing bad things about everybody. There is also a lot of other blogs." | Asked if Umno's tolerance of Ong's speech can be seen as a sign of reform, Shahrir said: "It is not an issue of reform. It is an issue of implementation and how the policy is interpreted."